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This is a story of a vineyard, a farmer and a winemaker whose magic secret lies in the soil.
The Golan Basalt Winery is an Israeli winery located in Kedmat Zvi, on the Golan hights.
It is a boutique winery that Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, himself would celebrate, and celebrations are this winery’s way.
We met with the winemaker himself for a glass of wine and one more, and after finishing a fine cheese plat, we already knew how the winery’s trade website would look like and what would be message we wanted to convey to the winery audience. It was most Definitely a perfumed one.
Together with Yoav Levy, the owner of the winery, we created a design language, content for the winery’s trade website and took great shots on location. Design and building a unique marketing strategy followed. This is our BIG package.
The wine flow like water, with online orders and local purchases.

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